About Us

Trading since 1990,first as Top Twenty,then in 2004 under our present guise and led by the legendary Willie Meighan,Rollercoaster has long been the hub of the music scene in the metropolis of Kilkenny.We are specialists in all the musics you don’t hear on daytime radio (except metal and country irish,we know nothing about thoseso we are not going to be eyewoolpullers!) and will do our darndest to order even the most obscure white label if thats what you so desire.

We are an agent for Ticketmaster and gladly respond to all enquiries with an open heart and our famed customer service because we have nothing better to do than advise as to whether the sun will be in your eyes at a particular angle and time if you buy a seat for that gig in fifteen months time.

Our opening hours are:

Monday 10-5

Tuesday 10-5

Wednesday 10-5

Thursday 9-6

Friday 9-6

Saturday 10-6

Sunday 1-5